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Customer Success Story

PortVision, acquired by Oceaneering, Was Looking to Take a Deep Dive into Marketing Automation and Strategy

PortVision is a commercial and vessel tracking web service used by maritime shipping and transportation companies.


Increase in Lead Conversions


Leads Qualified for Sales Conversations


Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic

B2B Web Service for Maritime Shipping and Transportation
Services Used
HubSpot Set Up & Training, Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Email Marketing, Advanced Segmentation, SEO

The Challenge

Like a dark and murky bog, PortVision’s growth was stagnate. With only one form on their website—a Contact Us form—they lacked the internal knowledge and skills to build an inbound lead flow. The result was a marketing strategy left on life support. 

Knowing this, PortVision placed an SOS call for outside help—but the responding agency failed to address their concerns and couldn’t lift them out of muddy waters. They were left in the same position they had started in. 

Trying to pivot, they hired a single employee to tackle marketing, but it proved too open an ocean to navigate solo. The work was manual and confusing as they still didn’t have a clear path for acquiring, qualifying and converting leads.


The Goal

PortVision came to Campaign Creators looking for a partner who could help business resurge.

Working together, PortVision and Campaign Creators came up with a plan to sail their marketing strategy into a safe harbor. 

First, PortVision looked to Campaign Creators for help implementing marketing automation. By owning the set-up and build-out of HubSpot, Campaign Creators would enable PortVision to automate marketing processes and workflows; effectively removing the need for manual work.

Second, PortVision needed a way to increase conversions. That’s where Campaign Creators stepped in to create a suite of lead nurturing funnels that would enhance their sales processes. Using segmentation and lead scoring to deliver contacts the right message, at the right time, the goal was to boost conversions and generate more sales.

“As an investor-backed company we had some ambitious goals for sales production, revenue, and financials—all of these began with marketing automation.” - Dean Rosenberg, CEO of PortVision 


The Solution

Campaign Creators took the reigns and ultimately implemented marketing automation and delivered PortVision a lead nurturing strategy that touched prospects across the entire marketing funnel. 

The solution for PortVision began with an SEO Audit and the creation of a robust, customized Content Strategy for their brand and business. Using the content cluster framework, Campaign Creators delivered 100+ keyword-optimized blog outlines for PortVision. These helped to increase website traffic and engage greater interest from leads.

From there, Lead Nurturing Funnels were developed, taking website visitors along a journey towards conversion. The funnel started with targeted landing pages, with forms that once completed turned visitors into contacts. From there, contacts were enrolled into lead nurturing workflows that warmed them towards making a purchasing decision. Always delivering extra-relevant content, of course!

All of this was built using HubSpot, as Campaign Creators onboarded PortVision with HubSpot Set Up & Training. PortVision not only learned how to use the platform to it’s fullest, but they had tons of effective campaigns pre-built; this sent their lead nurturing programs sailing into the wind.

Finally, for ongoing success, PortVision subscribed to Campaign Creators’ Retainer Program, which helped them optimize their lead nurturing campaigns on an ongoing basis as well as set them up to see continuous improvement.

“Campaign Creators allowed us to take a process-driven approach to marketing.” - Dean Rosenberg, CEO of PortVision 


The Results

Campaign Creators worked alongside PortVision for two years, seeing tremendous success along the way.

Their new, SEO-driven content strategy complemented this growth by increasing monthly organic traffic by 502%. Layering lead nurturing funnels on top of this meant that PortVision saw 100% growth in their lead conversion rate. 

Furthermore, segmenting and lead scoring leads into lists further separated the good from the bad, or in other words, the qualified from the unqualified. In fact, due to this, 80% of leads obtained were qualified for sales and nurture emails had an impressive 34% average open rate.

All of this (and more) helped PortVision catch the attention of Oceaneering International—a $3 billion global corporation—which eventually led to their acquisition.


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