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This payment processing company needed a way to generate leads and nurture them into customers

This company provides an end-to-end payment processing platform for merchants to run and grow their business. 

Payment Processing Company

Increase in website traffic.


Average nurture email open rate.


Customer conversion rate.

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Websites, Lead Generation Campaigns, Lead Nurturing Campaigns

The Challenge

The payment processing company recognized they were receiving a decent amount of traffic to their website, yet didn’t understand why those visitors didn’t translate to new leads or customers. The company’s website had nice aesthetics, yet it didn’t have a consistent look and feel throughout the website.

This company already had several resources, such as guides, infographics, case studies, videos, and other assets that educated the value of their company to new visitors and leads. Although they developed these assets to attract new leads, this wasn’t proving to be doing so.

Money and time wasn’t an issue for the company, yet they struggled to see the ROI on their multiple marketing efforts and didn’t know what they were doing wrong.


The Goal

The payment processing company worked with Campaign Creators to help them identify how they could improve their marketing to actually see results.

To generate more leads, Campaign Creators proposed a website UX/UI revamp. The site needed to be redeveloped so that leads could clearly navigate through the website, and ultimately lead to a conversion. This included gating their several assets that anyone could download.

To convert more leads into sales, Campaign Creators created lead nurturing campaigns. This way, the payment processing company would be able to convert more leads to customers.


The Solution

Campaign Creators began by designing an iterative Website that was conversion focused and easy to navigate for new visitors. This approach made it easier for the company to implement a new look immediately, and continuously improve it over time. To ensure all assets and content looked consistent, a web UI kit was developed as a guide for the company to use if they wanted to build new website pages or digital assets in the future.

A Lead Generation Strategy was then implemented with the goal of attracting more qualified leads. This included strategically adding forms and pop-ups throughout the website where visitors had to provide their email to download an asset. Once website visitors gave their contact information for an asset, they were then automatically segmented into a certain lead nurturing funnel.

Campaign Creators also implemented a Lead Nurturing Strategy, which included creating four separate lead nurturing funnels based on the company's different solutions. Each funnel was designed to nurture leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey by sending them personalized emails. For example, if a new lead downloaded a guide that provided information about a certain product, an email was automatically sent offering another asset that educated them more about this product. Based on a lead's activity, lead nurturing campaigns were set up and automated to send certain offers that would move them down their buyer’s journey.

Lastly, these campaigns were all developed and set up in HubSpot to collect all lead and customer activity from the website or from emails. Using HubSpot’s automation tools, Campaign Creators was able to automate many of their marketing activities, including segmenting leads, enrolling new leads into lead nurturing funnels, and sending the right offers or emails at the right time.


The Results

After only 7 months, the company started seeing positive results, including increased conversion rates at every stage of their sales process.

Following their lead generation and nurturing efforts, the payment processing company saw a 30% increase in website traffic and an average top of the funnel conversion rate of 28%. Once leads met the company's bottom of the funnel offer, an average of 10% converted into sales.

Their lead nurturing and email marketing efforts proved effective as well as seen from their average nurture email click-through rate of 14% and average nurture email open rate of 40%.

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