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Innate Response Needed a Healthy Inbound Marketing Strategy for Their Holistic Products

Innate Response is a B2C ECommerce company that manufactures a line of holistic dietary supplements that support the body’s innate healing responses.

Innate Response B Complex

Increase in Database Growth


Increase in Quarterly Webinar Registrations


increase in email revenue.

B2C Ecommerce
Services Used
Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Email Marketing, Advanced Segmentation

The Challenge

Innate Response, an eCommerce holistic supplements company, needed to implement a full-funnel inbound marketing strategy to attract, convert and retain customers.

They had a great platform for lead nurturing at their fingertips—HubSpot—but they lacked the know-how to truly make the most of this robust marketing automation platform. 

Workflows? Segmentation? Funnels? All of these were to-dos on their ever-growing list, as their main focus was always on getting FDA approval of their products. They lacked the time and energy required to truly unleash the power of HubSpot and developing a lead nurturing funnel.

With marketing strategy on the back-burner, you can bet sales started to suffer. They struggled both with acquisition and retention; they kept missing opportunities to keep their current customers coming back for more. 


The Goal

Innate Response needed an expert HubSpot agency to step in, and fast. Their primary goals were to save their failing sales and to grow a healthy database of prospects for their holistic supplement products.

They needed a partner whom they could trust to completely own the HubSpot setup—including workflows, segmentation, integrating tools, and inbound marketing campaigns. But, they didn’t want an agency partner that would just set them up and leave. Instead, they were looking to partner with a team that would teach them how to automate a healthy inbound strategy that would serve them for months and years to come.


The Solution

Campaign Creators stepped in, took the reigns of HubSpot and helped their team completely transform their inbound marketing strategy. Starting with a HubSpot Marketing Automation Setup, Campaign Creators automated many of Innate Response’s marketing activities, including segmentation, workflows, funnels, and more. This would address their goal of sending prospects and customers the right content, at the right time.

Webinars and gated educational content were created to bolster Campaign Creators’ 6 Lead Nurturing Funnels Strategy. By segmenting and enrolling visitors into workflows based on the content they interacted with, prospects and customers started receiving more relevant content— and Innate Response’s conversions increased exponentially.

Happy with the quality and care that Campaign Creators provided Innate Response, they decided to continue on Campaign Creators’ Retainer Program so their marketing could be optimized on an ongoing basis. This allowed Innate Response to learn more about HubSpot, while Campaign Creators continued to build out their campaigns. 

During the program, Campaign Creators also continuously cleaned out Innate Response’s database via a double opt-in program and helped prevent them from being blacklisted.


The Results

In the end, Innate Response saw a 40% increase in database growth due to the automated and effective inbound marketing campaigns that Campaign Creators developed. 

Webinar campaigns—which were promoted through workflows—saw a 400% increase in monthly registrations and a 30% increase in quarterly registrations.

By cleaning out Innate Response’s database via a double opt-in program, their deliverability and click-through rates also increased and they were never at risk of being blacklisted.

Lastly, now that many of their marketing activities were automated, Innate Response’s day-to-day operational activities became more efficient. 

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