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Get Air's outdated website and infrastructure inhibited revenue growth

Get Air is an indoor trampoline park that hosts parties and events at their 70+ worldwide locations.

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Increase in eCommerce conversion rate in 5 months.


Increase in average party booking revenue year over year.


Increase in traffic to party booking engine.

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The Challenge

Get Air, a family entertainment business specializing in indoor trampoline parks, struggled to increase revenue for a number of reasons. For one, their website infrastructure was very outdated. It wasn't built with an SEO perspective in mind, missing out on potential leads that would find their business through a simple search. Additionally, the website's interface did not match the modern design of their trampoline parks, nor was it built with their target audience in mind—the millennial mom.

The site's interface was also not user-friendly, making it challenging for visitors to navigate the website, purchase tickets, and book a party for their various locations. Because of Get Air's outdated technology, they garnered low traffic to the site, struggled to convert visitors, and lost out on many potential sales.


The Goal

To increase their online revenue, Campaign Creators recognized that Get Air needed to first update and modernize their website. This included ensuring the website was optimized for search engines, appealed visually to their target audience, was user-friendly, and was optimized for conversions. Get Air also wanted to leverage their new technology to easily execute  marketing objectives for their growing number of parks.

To monitor the success of these goals, Get Air focused on the following KPIs:

  1. Traffic to their website
  2. Conversion rates
  3. Average order value (AOV) of purchased offers
  4. Overall revenue


The Solution

To help Get Air achieve their goals, Campaign Creators began by providing a proper CRM setup that would support their massive database and unique business needs. This included building a custom dashboard that organized all of their contacts' data and buying behaviors, as well as building custom APIs that tied their CRM to multiple systems within their online ecosystem. By combining all customer data into one CRM, Get Air could easily understand their users and continue to optimize their future marketing automation activities.

Campaign Creators also provided an eCommerce Website Setup to provide a new and effective online revenue stream. They began by consolidating all 67 location-specific sites, and migrating these into one single SEO optimized website. Setting up a new SEO infrastructure not only increased their domain ranking, but also made it easier for Get Air to manage and scale their CMS through one domain.

Campaign Creators redesigned their website to visually appeal to their target audience, as well as make it easy to navigate and make a purchase. To create a conversion-focused website, they included the ability to sell online globally in different languages and currencies, as well as ensure the site was fully responsive across different devices. With a strong focus on continuous improvement and conversion rate optimization, heatmaps and click-tracking were implemented to more easily understand user behaviors and iterate on the site as needed.

They created customized platforms for us that have been better than we had envisioned. As a company with over six dozen locations around the world, we're not easy customers and they have been amazing in how responsive they are to our changing needs.

- Laura Steinhoff, Get Air Marketing Manager

In addition to this new website launch, Campaign Creators developed a fully customized party booking engine to increase party booking sales. This custom web application included the ability to book an event at any location, fully customize the parties online, input coupon codes, automatically process payments through PayPal, and other eCommerce functionalities. Building a fully customized party booking engine provided Get Air with an enterprise eCommerce tool that set them apart from their competition.

Lastly, lead nurturing and marketing automation was incorporated into their marketing strategy, ensuring that any leads they captured on their new site, were then automatically followed up with lead nurturing emails. Their email marketing and Automation projects are still in progress, but have already garnered positive results in re-capturing lost leads and converting them into new customers.


The Results

Campaign Creators' ongoing efforts not only helped Get Air modernize their website, but positively impacted their four main KPIs—traffic to their website, conversion rates, average order value (AOV) of purchased offers, and overall revenue.

After 7 months, Get Air's monthly traffic increased by 445%. After 5 months of launching their new eCommerce website, their eCommerce conversion rate increased by 227%. Get Air's new website and booking engine also made it easier for users to book parties through their website as well as their call center. Their website's total AOV increased by 1.74% and their call center's total AOV increased by 1.82%.

Get Air's year over year party booking revenue has increased by about 25% and their total party book revenue is projected to continue to increase by the end of 2019.

We've come to rely on the Campaign Creators team and look forward to a future working with them and what we can accomplish together.

- Laura Steinhoff, Get Air Marketing Manager

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