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Customer Success Story

FP Complete Case Study

Software development and DevOps consulting agency, FP Complete, was unable to generate visitors to their website and convert those visitors into leads into customers.



Increase in leads database.


Increase in company revenue and # of employees.


Lead to customer acquisition rate.

Software Development, DevOps Consulting
Services Used
New Launchpad Website, Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

Robert Bobbett, the Executive Vice President of FP Complete, saw his company struggling to grow quickly and did not have near enough time nor resources to effectively market their software.

Though FP Complete had a website it failed to serve its purpose: generate contacts, leads and new customers. At the time they approached Campaign Creators, they only had 500 contacts in their database. Unfortunately, for a software development company, this was “embarrassing.”

Low website traffic meant a low visitor-to-lead conversion rate—which also negatively impacted the number of new customers generated (and their business bottom line). 

Even worse? With no marketing funnels set up to nurture leads into customers, visitors would simply exit the website without giving FP Complete a shot. This added to the difficulty of leads becoming sales-qualified and customers.

Considerably, every point of their sales funnel was broken and needed fixing.


The Goal

FP Complete needed a way to generate more website visitors, convert them into leads and, subsequently, into sales-qualified leads (SQLs) and customers. Their goal was to increase conversion-rates at every point in their sales cycle.

First, FP Complete needed a website redesign that could generate brand awareness and lead-qualified traffic.

Second, their new website would need to be conversion-oriented and positioned to nurture new traffic into leads and customers. To do that, FP Complete needed a kick-ass content marketing strategy, that focused on the development of nurture funnels to move prospects along the buyer’s journey.

Their team seems to understand the sales process incredibly well. They stay on top of it.” - FP Complete's Executive Vice-President of Marketing and Sales, Robert Bobbett


The Solution

FP Complete and Campaign Creators worked together for a year on creating a new content marketing strategy that elevated awareness, lead generation, and sales conversions.

The solution for FP Complete began with creating a launchpad website in HubSpot, and as the campaign progressed, a new homepage was designed.

Next, Campaign Creators optimized FP Complete's new website for improved awareness and more traffic. By conducting an SEO audit and by implementing an SEO-based blog content strategy, Campaign Creators delivered 40 blog outlines to the FP Complete team.

To convert more contacts, three integrated nurture funnels were built and optimized. Each nurture funnel was built with workflows that started by capturing website visitors’ contact information in exchange for a highly-targeted premium asset.  When the premium assets were viewed, contacts were then segmented and enrolled into hyper-personalized workflows that nurtured them further towards a purchase via email. 

Lastly, three strategic campaign webinar strategies were implemented, which were used to nurture leads and SQLs. By positioning these webinars to answer bottom-of-the-funnel questions, they helped qualify leads for possible conversion.


The Results

Remember how FP Complete started out with only 500 contacts in their database? Well, that number skyrocketed to 6,000— a 257% increase. Part of that growth was due to the effective SEO strategies implemented that led to an increase in their organic traffic by 120%.

“Using a lot more effective keyword blogging strategies, we wrote a blog one day, and within hours somebody saw it and wanted to do business together.” - Robert Bobbett 

Alongside increasing awareness and lead generation also came an increase in the number of conversion and sales for FP Complete. Conversions jumped by a total of 10%, earning FP Complete three times more revenue.

With a new website and marketing campaigns in place, FP Complete was able to refocus its efforts where it mattered most: on software development and DevOps. Increasing company efficiency and seeing greater revenue flow meant they could hire three times the employees, meaning FP Complete saw the quick growth they wanted.

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