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Customer Success Story

Edgio’s increasingly complex tech stack was expensive and inefficient

After acquiring two publicly traded organizations in one year, Edgio needed to streamline its operations with a single CRM: Hubspot.

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Sales team members HubSpot platform training and adoption.


CRM consolidates data to create a single source of truth for reporting.


Annual savings by simplifying tech stack.

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Software Solutions
HubSpot (MHE, SHE)
Services used
HubSpot Onboarding, Salesforce to HubSpot Migration, Martech Stack Consolidation, Hubspot Training

The Challenge

When Edgio (formerly known as Limelight) acquired Edgecast, the existing technology stack quickly became increasingly complex and inefficient. The newly expanded organization relied on a variety of systems and platforms for its sales and marketing activities, including Salesforce, Marketo, Autopilot, and Salesloft among others. 

Without a centralized CRM, the business had no single data source of truth. Over time, the team was struggling to keep track of account-based marketing assignments through lead and opportunity flows. Simultaneously, the multitude of platforms meant different regions were using different fields that required manual interpretation and roll-ups, and the legacy system integration created inflexibility when managing pricing, quotes and contracts. The difficulties that arose from the overly complicated and mismatched martech stack were exacerbated by the organization’s reliance on a small handful of internal Salesforce experts, which often led to bottlenecks and process workarounds.

The good news? Edgio knew there was a better solution available, and was confident the Campaign Creators team could lead them through a successful Hubspot migration.


The Goal

Edgio was eager to not only consolidate and simplify its CRM, but to have a centralized platform that all sales reps could rely on for daily communications, tasks, and prospect updating. This meant that a key requirement for success would be establishing unified procedures for collecting, tracking, and manipulating data on the new CRM that all sales teams followed. Similarly, Edgio wanted to ensure that sales and marketing teams leveraged Hubspot reporting as the source of truth for data collected from across the organization.

Overall, Edgio's goals in migrating to HubSpot were to:

  • enhance sales team productivity
  • streamline data management
  • leverage powerful reporting capabilities for better decision-making


The Solution

Campaign Creators set to work migrating Edgio’s two Salesforce instances and one Marketo instance into a single Hubspot portal. With three major data sets (one dating back more than 10 years) as well as a variety of miscellaneous data sets, Edgio had an enormous amount of data it wanted to retain, but it needed to be properly mapped, cleansed, and merged. Alongside Edgio, Campaign Creators reviewed each data point to ensure overall accuracy and focused on the completeness and integrity of the data.

To address the challenge of excessive and inconsistent fields, Campaign Creators worked with Edgio to define new standards for both native and custom properties in HubSpot. They removed fields with low utilization or messy data and maintained fields critical for stakeholder reporting based on regions. This process of defining, property mapping, and cleansing the data helped Edgio establish a more streamlined and accurate data structure in HubSpot.

In addition, Campaign Creators implemented Marketing Hub Enterprise to allow for the migration of Autopilot and Eloqua into Hubspot, further consolidating the enterprise’s tech stack. And by integrating Calendly, Campaign Creators set Edgio up to improve tracking of sales activities and marketing efforts.

Finally, to ensure that Edgio would see full adoption of its Hubspot portal, Campaign Creators led platform training for more than 300 sales team members.


The Results

Migrating three major data sets to Hubspot while navigating the timing and budget complexities of the client’s internal stakeholders was no small feat—but the impact has been undeniable.

Edgio now has a centralized CRM that is used by all teams globally, allowing for unified marketing and sales operations. Not only can the enterprise now clearly track marketing- and sales-influenced opportunities to pipeline stages, sales team members can report their progress with ease, and leaders have more visibility. This has also led to improved data-driven decision making, with simplified forecasting, reporting, and resource planning.

Through this comprehensive data migration process and collaboration with the implementation team at Campaign Creators, Edgio has streamlined and simplified operations while reducing its annual tech stack spending by $430k.

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