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Chuao Chocolatier struggled to expand online due to the lack of expertise and resources

Chuao Chocolatier is a luxury chocolate treat that has expanded retail distribution channels throughout North America, and later tapped into online channels as well.

Chuao Choclatier Product

Increase in abandoned cart email open rate.


Sweepstakes entry email open rate.


Sweepstakes coupon email open rate.

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B2C Food & Beverages
Services Used
Launchpad Website,
Lead Nurturing Campaigns,
Email Marketing

The Challenge

Chuao, the first Venezuelan Chocolatier based in the United States, grew their retail distribution channels to become a coveted luxury chocolate distributor in North America, distributing to companies like Target and Starbucks.

In hopes to see further growth, they tapped into digital marketing channels to leverage a growing segment of their distribution chains. Without much experience in digital marketing, however, they needed guidance.

As one of their main online marketing channels, their outreach over email was subpar. Weekly-sent emails prior to working with Campaign Creators had insignificant average open rates of only 10%.


The Goal

Knowing that the their email marketing could use vast improvement, Chuao Chocolatier worked together with Campaign Creators to set goals of increasing their eCommerce email revenue.

How'd they plan on doing this? By increasing conversion-focused email statistics, such as open rates, click-through rates and purchase conversions from customers arriving to their website via email.

Finally, Chuao Chocolatier also wanted to recapture lost customers whom abandoned their online shopping carts without completing a purchase.


The Solution

Campaign Creators helped Chuao Chocolatier by first focusing on improving their Website. Using an iterative web design helped minimize initial costs, allowed for continuous website improvement, and provided marketing and sales insights about visitors. With a new and optimized website, Chuao Chocolatier could effectively grab their audience's attention, increasing more quality engagement with their brand.

To ensure Chuao Chocolatier would get only the most qualified leads to enter their sales process, a Lead Generation Campaign was created for them. This campaign was set up so that contacts were automatically segmented based on their user behavior, and then sent tailored and personalized email promotions. In addition to this, Chuao Chocolatier and Campaign Creators jointly strategized creating engaging Facebook Ads, targeting audiences over social media.

A Lead Nurturing Campaign and Email Marketing strategy were implemented to guide their newly generated leads to a purchase. As part of the solution, a sweepstakes contest was facilitated and Chuao Chocolatier's emails were optimized for conversion. Coupons were also given to those that entered as a strategic way to delight their audience.


The Results

With an optimized website, leads visited an attractive destination centered around providing good user experience. This led to being able to better capture and segment contacts based on behavior, increasing email revenue by 316% during Cyber Monday 2015 compared to the year before.

With lead segmentation and various new types of emails in place to target multiple audiences, email open rates increased from 10% to...

26.54% for promotional abandoned cart emails;

15.06% for sweepstakes emails; and

32.80% for sweepstakes entrants coupon emails.

Chuao Chocolatier was able to successfully take on the online sector thanks to Campaign Creators' digital marketing expertise.

Let's talk about how we can help you meet your marketing and sales goals.