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Caring Senior Service struggled to redesign their HubSpot-hosted website to generate new leads and ensure ADA compliance

Caring Senior Service is an in-home care agency that has been helping seniors remain happy and healthy at the comfort of their homes.

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The Challenge

Caring Senior Service, also known as Caring, has been helping seniors remain happy and healthy at the comfort of their homes since 1991. Although they've seen much success in the senior care-taking industry and have expanded to 30+ locations across the US, they struggled to adapt their website and marketing to support their growth over the years.

Caring used HubSpot to build their website, yet their marketing team didn’t have the time or expertise to develop the custom or conversion-focused website they wanted. They also struggled to drive quality leads to their franchise department, recognizing that this was greatly tied to their minimally developed online presence.

As a company in the healthcare industry, another big challenge was ensuring that their website was ADA compliant. HubSpot had limitations when it came to ADA compliance, and so this made things extra difficult. In addition, their site lacked the proper technical infrastructure to support their 30+ individual location-specific pages. This also resulted in low organic traffic and qualified leads.

Caring Senior Services had a number of pain points with their overall marketing, but saw huge opportunities to improve their website. To address their pain points and achieve better results, they knew they needed to find outside support that had both HubSpot and technical website expertise.

Enter Campaign Creators.

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Caring Senior Service Homepage Before

The Goal

Based on their pain points and goals, Campaign Creators proposed a multi-step approach that prioritized first redeveloping their website on HubSpot. This included giving their site a nice refresh in their design, as well as ensuring proper technical infrastructure and ADA compliance was put into place.

Campaign Creators saw other opportunities to develop an inbound marketing strategy that incorporated lead nurturing and email campaigns. Based on Caring's gaps, budget, and goal, Campaign Creators proposed to solely focus on setting the foundation of redesigning their website for the first 6 months.

"They worked with us on a schedule that fit our budget and our needs. We have been working together now for about 6 months and plan to use them to redesign another company-owned site as well."

- Alyssa Gisseman Ball | Digital Communications Specialist, Caring Senior Service

To determine the success of their multiple activities, they focused on the following KPI’s:
  1. Organic traffic 
  2. New leads generated from website
  3. A new ADA compliant website


The Solution

Campaign Creators Custom Website Redesign incorporated tackling 7 of the most impactful pages, developing and optimizing each page one by one. This included the Homepage, Blog Summary page, Blog Detail page, Resources pages, Info Subpage, Locations page, and About Us page. Campaign Creators used a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) approach for this, in which each page was developed, analyzed, and optimized to ensure they were designing new pages that not only looked good, but converted well.

New Caring Senior Service Homepage

New Caring Senior Service Homepage

Ensuring Caring Senior Service’s new website was ADA compliant was no easy task, yet Campaign Creators found a way. Regardless of HubSpot’s many limitations in building ADA compliant websites, Campaign Creators pushed the limits with HubSpot’s CMS and figured out creative, technical solutions to ensure their newly designed website was as compliant as possible. Campaign Creators HubSpot expertise were truly tested with this project, yet their technical expertise and drive are what helped them overcome this challenge.

"We have been working with Campaign Creators on a website redesign that's ADA compliant...We haven't necessarily been the easiest client, but they have met and exceeded expectations every step of the way."

- Alyssa Gisseman Ball | Digital Communications Specialist, Caring Senior Service

Campaign Creators website redesign included impressive custom work as well. Because Caring had several locations across the US, Campaign Creators developed a Google Analytics integration that incorporated adding a Google Maps API on their Locations pages. This custom build resulted in an interactive map and location list modules, improving the user experience of visitors searching for their different locations. Additionally, they implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices and made their location-specific pages more SEO friendly and indexable for Google. This localization marketing strategy helped drive the right type of audiences to the right pages based on the location. 

                 Locations page gif           Locations Page with Google Maps API

Campaign Creators strategically designed their homepage with Caring's buyer personas in mind. For example, instead of immediately listing out all services (like most websites do), two main services were served first on the homepage to speak to the user. This helped visitors find what they were looking for quicker. Also, a custom and interactive module was developed to creatively illustrate their services. Rather than simply using the copy and images to educate visitors, this custom module provided a creative, interactive way for visitors to visually understand and learn about their services. This is where Campaign Creators' Marketing and Sales Technology Consulting came into play, helping Caring identify the technology that would help automate their business development activities and sell effectively online.

Custom Interactive Services Module

Throughout the website redesign, Campaign Creators added custom touches that helped Caring Senior Services’ brand shine, while also designing for the user. This included designing a mega menu with custom iconography, adding video b-roll for the homepage hero, implementing module animations, and adding interactive tools to help engage and educate visitors. Campaign Creators also added more obvious CTAs for caregivers, since this was one of their main buyer personas. After discovering their buyer personas mostly contacted the business through the phone, Campaign Creators added their business phone number in the header throughout the homepage.


The Results

In six months, Campaign Creators launched all 7 newly designed, developed, and ADA compliant pages as promised.

While SEO and organic traffic results take time, Caring Senior Service's organic traffic had already started growing since launching all pages by July 2019. From January 2019 to August 2020, they experienced over 300% increase in organic traffic.

The individual newly designed pages are also performing better than before the redesign. With the help of restructuring their website infrastructure and ensuring proper SEO best practices were followed, the Homepage has seen a 60% increase in traffic between August 2019 to July 2020.

Caring Senior Service has also seen an increase in contact growth just from their new website. To be exact, they've seen a 5,485 increase in total contacts from January 2019 to August 2020.

Caring Senior Service was very pleased working with Campaign Creators team, and decided to continue working together on further inbound marketing strategies that involved a lead nurturing campaign and email marketing.

We have been working together now for about 6 months and plan to use them to redesign another company-owned site as well. They have been wonderful with communication and adapting to what we need. Our account manager, Sean, has been great! He has the expertise to back up recommendations, which is something we really value in our partnership.

- Alyssa Gisseman Ball | Digital Communications Specialist, Caring Senior Service

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