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Arizona State University is consistently ranked among the top universities in the United States for innovation, showcasing its commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering groundbreaking research and education initiatives.

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Faster campaign deployment.


Increase in lead conversion rates.


Improvement in reporting efficiency.

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Arizona State University is consistently ranked among the top universities in the United States for innovation, showcasing its commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering groundbreaking research and education initiatives. One of the newest enterprises under the ASU ecosystem, Learning Enterprise (LE), is composed of 20+ business units (learning solutions) supporting their common goal to serve learners throughout their lifetimes. Each of the business units operate with their own stakeholders, technology stack, and operational infrastructure. It was clear to LE’s Head of Marketing and Head of Product  there was a need for a software stack that would allow them to scale quickly while ensuring data was synchronized between systems.


The Challenge

The expanding brand landscape and the lack stakeholder of autonomy presented a challenge. Stakeholders had to rely on various team members, from system administrators to developers, to access and manage their technology stack. Other marketing automation solutions failed to satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders and create cohesion across the board.

The complex technology stack led to disparate sets of data residing in separate repositories, creating silos that hindered collaboration amongst brands. This intricate structure interfered with the dissemination of information to the respective teams in a format that was both usable and coherent. Even retrieving basic information, like an email list meeting specific criteria, required the involvement of IT and platform specialists.


The Goal

Campaign Creators took a deep dive into the project by holding a series of Discovery Sessions with the Learning Enterprise team. These sessions allowed us to understand the intricate business and technical requirements specific to each brand. The shared goal was to create an environment that supports growth and future scalability.

The success of this project was measured by achieving:

  • Seamless HubSpot Migration of Pilot Business Unit: Successfully migrate Learning Enterprise & Career Catalyst from Marketing Cloud onto the HubSpot CRM platform without disruptions.
  • Custom Configuration: Configure HubSpot to align with Learning Enterprise's specific requirements. That included rebuilding assets that were live in the previous platform to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Integration with Student Information System: Integrate HubSpot with ASU's student information system to enhance data-driven marketing and sales activities within the HubSpot CRM.
  • Future Scalability: Develop a thoughtful strategy and framework for future scalability. As additional Business Units join Learning Enterprise, they can seamlessly leverage the HubSpot CRM to meet their specific needs and objectives.


The Solution

Campaign Creators developed a strategy plan including an outline of the future estate, the process to achieve those goals, and risks and mitigation efforts. Here's how we brought shared understanding amongst stakeholders and seamless implementation to Arizona State University:

Deployment of HubSpot Hubs:

Once aligned on project expectations and objectives, we created a migration and implementation plan tailored to LE’s needs. Our team deployed Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hubs at an enterprise level, laying the groundwork for seamless collaboration across multiple teams. This project happened during the beta phase of business units in HubSpot, which required innovative solutions to accommodate data partitioning and ensure smooth reporting.

Seamless Integration with Salesforce:

We worked closely with ASU’s product and data teams to create a seamless Salesforce to HubSpot integration. Our solution was designed to serve the entire organization without disruptions, fostering a unified data ecosystem that drives efficiency and insights.

Custom Object Creation:

We designed custom objects to house various types of student data critical for campaign execution. Each Business Unit received personalized attention, with additional custom objects and data points being added to the Salesforce integration. Our segmentation plan ensured that data was associated correctly with each Business Unit within HubSpot.


The Results

Campaign Creators achieved immediate results that proved instrumental in gaining stakeholder buy-in for the implementation of future business units. The results from the pilot program built trust in Campaign Creators' expertise and the HubSpot platform as the Learning Entreprise's new unified solution. Here’s what we achieved:

Reduced Data Transfer Time:

Working together, ASU and Campaign Creators achieved a remarkable 40% reduction in the time spent on data transfer between departments. This improvement resulted in significantly enhanced inter-departmental communication.

Learning Enterprise is successfully moving towards the goal to reduce both business unit and user onboarding times by 80%. That enhanced user adoption and enabled cross-functional teams (marketing, sales, service) to leverage one central tool effectively.

Faster Campaign Deployment:

Campaign Creators’ efforts saw a 33% increase in campaign deployment speed compared to previous methods. This achievement resulted in improved agility in launching marketing campaigns, enabling ASU to swiftly respond to dynamic market changes with greater effectiveness and precision.

Lead Conversion Rate Increase:

The enhanced communication across the marketing and sales teams lead to a higher conversion of leads. The Learning Enterprise yielded a 25% increase in the conversion of leads into customers. Learning Enterprise strengthened its ability to attract, engage, and convert learners, ultimately contributing to its overall mission success.

Enhanced User Competence:

Access to a unified solution empowered teams to operate more efficiently. Learning Enterprise saw a 20% improvement in user competence and adoption of the HubSpot/Business Unit ecosystem. This accomplishment marks a pivotal moment in LE’s journey toward enhanced operational efficiency and user platform adoption.

Improved Data-Driven Decision-Making:

With the HubSpot CRM acting as the centralized source of data, stakeholders saw a 25% increase in data-driven decision-making. By streamlining data access and analysis, we've empowered the ASU teams to make more informed choices, leveraging insights and analytics to fuel organizational growth and success.

Streamlined Reporting:

Thanks to the strategic utilization of Business Unit partitioning and seamless integration between HubSpot and Salesforce, reporting efficiency improved by 40%.


The successful partnership built between Campaign Creators and ASU's Learning Enterprise continues to grow as new business units are introduced to the HubSpot ecosystem. No more data silos or over-engineered systems—just efficient, user-friendly solutions designed to empower the Sun Devils to thrive.

These achievements underscore Campaign Creators' dedication to delivering tangible outcomes and driving success for our clients. Forks Up!

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