Speaker Profile: Bob Afsari

Bob Afsari
CEO, Campaign Creators
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For over 15 years, Bob Afsari has served in the capacity of sales, marketing and business development.  Now as the CEO of Campaign Creators, he shares how his unique set of trials and tribulations have helped guide others towards organizational growth and economic stability.  


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Once a traditional outbound salesperson, Bob uncovers how past tactics serve no benefit for a sustainable future in the market. With over a decade experience in public speaking, he has worked towards providing education and awareness to the general public on topics such as business development, revenue generation, and building a healthy organization and ecosystem. In addition, he shares his knowledge on what it takes to transform a full-service marketing agency into one that specializes on a narrow scope of services - all while scaling and becoming more profitable. His unfortunate experience as a targeted victim of multiple economic crimes has shaped his journey as both an entrepreneur and individual. Drawing from these “worst-case” life experiences, his talks go into the raw reality of what it's like to fight through all the hurdles you face as a business owner and how you can best protect yourself along the way. Bob is in the process of creating the San Diego Economic Crime Committee to help others facing similar issues fight the liabilities against them and find a path to reformation.


San Diego Chamber of Commerce
April 2018
SD Inbound Marketing - Seminar
October 2016