TAMMY's Story

Tammy was born and raised in Southern California, but fell in love with San Diego when she attended UCSD for her undergraduate degree. After graduation, she moved to Washington while her wife, Jill, attended law school. There, she worked in a behavioral health hospital where she learned to manage crises and personalities of all kinds. Yearning to return to Sunny California, Tammy applied to Claremont Graduate University. In May of 2016, she received her PhD in Social Psychology.

With the approach of the end of her education, however, Tammy was unsure of how she wanted to apply her education; the academic world was too slow for her. She gravitated towards Campaign Creators because of the company’s heavy focus on marketing research and analytics.

Outside of the office, Tammy lives a very active lifestyle. Between her role as a CrossFit coach and Olympic Weightlifting competitions, she still manages to find the time to be outdoors. Snowboarding, hiking, waterskiing, and surfing are all right up her alley. She also has a new baby girl and two doggy children with Jill, and claims to be a “dog whisperer.”

Skill Set

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research 
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Awards & Certifications