TAMMY's Story

Tammy (also known as tamalamabingbang) grew up in the wine deep valleys of Temecula. While attending UCSD, she got her first taste of the San Diego sunshine and knew she had to come back after receiving her PhD in Social Psychology at Claremont Graduate University. In between her time in San Diego and east LA, she traveled to Washington, got married to her wife Jill, and began working at a behavioral health hospital where she learned to manage crises and personalities of all kinds.

Choosing a company like Campaign Creators was easy for Tammy. The company's heavy focus on market research and analytics paired with creative problem solving became the perfect fit. After Tammy's first initial few months, her fascination for marketing strategy began to grow and it wasn't long until she fell in love with digital marketing. Working here has made Tammy appreciate our autonomous nature. Making your own path is crucial and no one is micro-managed or pigeon-holed. For her, it's been refreshing to find team members who are motivated to succeed and improve.

Outside of her work routine, Tammy enjoys getting down and dirty at her weekly beach volleyball games. She stays active coaching Crossfit and competing in weightlifting championships, with world championships next on her list. Her and her wife Jill have a beautiful baby girl and two fur babies (that may or may not have peed one too many times in the office, but we love them just the same). Something interesting about Tammy is she doesn't go to bed without having a nice glass of red wine and a scoop of ice cream. Every. Night. She has also graciously cut her coffee intake to 6 cups a day...but half decaf she says. That makes it better, right?


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research 
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Teaching & Training
  • Marketing Technology
  • Branding