Parhom Saeidi

Business Development Associate

Parhom’s natural curiosity and interest in virtually any subject places him comfortably in the role of business development and helping clients have their marketing needs met.


Parhom was born in Scottsdale, Arizona: the home of mindfulness centers and natural reserves. He considers himself among the lucky ones who got to see it go from a dust bowl to the beautiful fashion square it is today. Growing up he moved more than your average Joe, from Arizona to Palm Desert, to Half Moon and then to Carlsbad. When he turned 19, he picked up his life to move to San Francisco, only to move back to Arizona, and finally station in California. In fact, as of April 2020, this will be the longest period he’s stayed in one city.

Now living his best life in sunny San Diego, Parhom was ready to bring his personality and quick feet mentality to the world of smarketing. He found Campaign Creators through Nisha and the rest was history. A natural connoisseur of conversation with 15 years of sales capacity, Parhom felt at home in our sales and biz dev department. As one our core values, the work perk that he’s enjoyed most working at Campaign Creators is the autonomy. He doesn’t like being micromanaged and has come to really appreciate the foundation of trust instilled within the team. Everyone holds their own weight, but are always willing to lend a helping hand.

When Parhom isn’t tied up at work, he likes to kick it back with his friends, visit Balboa Park’s historical museums, spruce up on reading, and watch movies. He’s a big movie guy. He’s also somewhat of a “lounge lizard”, enjoying any good ol’ fashioned me time. If you ever get to meet Parhom in person, you’ll likely get a taste of two things: his dry sense of humor or his passion for food and wine. Not to be too cheesy about it, but he believes culinary art to be a very uniting experience (and we can cheers to that). Some fun facts most people don’t know about him are he’s lived at over 20 different addresses, got to work at the Super Bowl, and has a black belt (though he he says he’s no Bruce Lee).


  • Business Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Project Management
  • Sales Strategy