Judy grew up in the windy city of San Francisco, CA. Looking to escape the literal “mist”ification of Carl the Fog, she opted for warmer skies that brought her to the University of California, San Diego. After earning her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, she took a year hiatus from the city to live in Los Angeles, only to find that the weather, people, and traffic served her liking much better down here.

Growing up playing video games she was interested in how the technical side of most things worked, and since marketing is moving towards a digital age, she really wanted to gain exposure in an industry that would be helpful to her moving forward. Coming from a strong technical background, Judy was looking for a place to leverage her knowledge and grow her professional career. That’s where Deep Root Digital, sister company to Campaign Creators, came in. As an Associate Project Manager, Judy is constantly practicing her critical thinking, something present in both the marketing and gaming industry. Working at Deep Root Digital, Judy has enjoyed the variety of work at hand and the new challenges that face her everyday. The fast paced environment here keeps her on her toes and she likes that.

When Judy’s not at work, chances are she’s at home playing video games or watching anime tv shows. Her personal recommendations? The Persona Series and My Hero Academia. She makes sure to find time to unglue herself from screens, reset, go out and try new foods. She’s willing to try anything once. Unless it’s Pufferfish. Then it’s a no (but only because it can kill you if it’s cooked wrong). That’s something new we learned at the office. Something most people don’t know about Judy is she has an absurd amount of social accounts that play off her name and is really good at Connect4. You can challenge her yourself, but be prepared to lose.


  • Project Management
  • Agile Framework
  • Scrum Mastering

battles won

  • BS in Computer Science
  • Architectural Design Competition Winner
  • Platinum Ranked in Overwatch