Jay Gelvezon

Marketing Technologist

Jay’s experience with conversion rate optimization helps users convert into customers and improve revenue generation for his clients.


Jay was born in the city of angels, which yes, unfortunately meant he was exposed to snail-paced traffic at a very young age. All jokes aside, he loved Los Angeles, but knew it was best to leave the nest and explore a lifestyle outside the city. Fast forward to college, Jay graduated from UC Davis with not one, but two Bachelor’s degrees: one in Nutrition Science and one in Communication. After university, his heart brought him back to LA, but his staycation was short lived. He found a better, more laid back lifestyle under the San Diego sun and has since taken up fort here with his fellow Campaign Creators.

After interning at a hospital, Jay realized it wasn’t the best career fit. He more so enjoyed the educational aspect of health, which lead him to start looking into educating consumers through digital marketing. He wanted to become a part of Campaign Creators because we are a digital marketing agency with a small, tight-knit core of colleagues. Aside from wanting to work at a HubSpot partner agency, Jay’s passion for technology and familiarity with other marketing tools have made him a great fit. Working here, Jay has come to appreciate the sense of autonomy we preach, the opportunity to wear multiple hats...and the choice to wear what we please. Casual Friday all days please.

On the weekends, Jay enjoys picking up his camera and setting up themed shoots around silly national holidays such as national waffle day, laundry day, ramen day...the list goes on. When he’s not behind the camera, this photographer takes pleasure in video games with his Nintendo Switch and enjoys plane spotting at San Diego International Airport. In fact, something people don’t know about Jay is he’s a huge aviation nerd with hopes to get his private pilot’s license one day.


  • CRO
  • Marketing Automation
  • SEO
  • Content Creation