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Reinventing your usual business and marketing strategies to fit today’s context will be your best course of action.

Find out more about consumer insights and what the data is telling us about how to run our businesses during the pandemic by watching our on-demand webinar, It’s Time to Act Now: How to Quickly Adapt Your Business to Changing Consumer Behavior.

Watch our on-demand webinar so you can learn:

  • About the latest trends in consumer behavior, the importance of observing & accepting the hard data, and what this means for your business today 
  • The necessity for rapid rationale and how you can act now given the challenges of today’s economic environment
  • How Campaign Creators and HubSpot are combatting the odds during this time and are now providing low cost, high impact digital assets to help you evolve online today
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Introducing Your Webinar Hosts


Bob Afsari | Chief Executive Officer, Campaign Creators

With 15 years of experience in business development, Bob has dedicated himself to helping companies positively impact their bottom line. He began Campaign Creators to expand past his sales involvement and build a company where he can uphold the promises to his clients. Bob is now on a mission to help as many small businesses as possible adapt to the changing times, and he is excited to discuss more about their new division Express by Campaign Creators.


Patrick Hurst

Patrick Hirst | Principal Channel Consultant, HubSpot

Patrick has been working for HubSpot for 7 and a half years. He works with HubSpot's network of partner marketing agencies, training them on how to effectively run inbound marketing campaigns for their agency. He also coaches agency partners on innovative inbound marketing strategies leveraging HubSpot's software to help them expand their service offerings. He is excited to talk about what businesses can be doing in HubSpot during this time to strengthen their flywheel.


Patrick D

Patrick Donovan | Channel Account Manager, HubSpot

Pat started his career at HubSpot 4 years ago. He's spent most of his tenure on the Agency Partner side of our business; working to onboard new agency partners as well as helping them sell to direct customers. In 2019, he helped roll out a new segment on the direct side of HubSpot, working closely with current customers, helping them add more products to their tech stack, and qualified for HubSpot's President's Club. He is now in the agency program as a principal channel account manager and works with current HubSpot partners. Pat is excited to share how HubSpot is helping small business owners and digital marketers adapt to today's changing consumer behavior.

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