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How to Boost ECommerce Revenue with Email Automation [Webinar]

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Building an effective email marketing strategy is essential to any eCommerce business hoping to generate more revenue and retain returning customers.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to apply Inbound marketing to your eCommerce business
  • The 3 automated email series every eCommerce business needs
  • How to create each email series for your business

Did you know?

  • $260 Billion in sales each year are lost due to abandon carts (Leverage Marketing).
  • There is an average 33% increase in long term brand engagement if subscribers receive welcome series (Emma).
  • Inactive subscribers are 26% more likely than non-subscribers to make another purchase (Mailchimp). 

Get the Playbook for increasing your Ecommerce Revenue with Email Marketing

In this webinar HubSpot Inbound Professor, Courtney Sembler, will show you how to apply Inbound marketing to boost your eCommerce revenue. 

Then, Marketing Technologist, Shelby Heath will teach you how to create the automated email series that she used to increase eCommerce brand VitaCup's email revenue by 242% in just 3 months.


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