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Ecommerce Master Email Template v6


ecommerce master email template
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ecommerce master email template
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ECommerce Master Email Template for HubSpot

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Product Type HubSpot Email Template

Need help creating an email template in HubSpot that will drive conversions? This HubSpot Master Email Template for eCommerce gives you the ability to create various email layouts using our 21 available email modules. You can easily add, remove, and edit each module all within HubSpot’s email editor—no development experience needed.

Use this email template to build any eCommerce email campaign, including an abandoned cart campaign, new customer email series, post-purchase campaign, and up-sell or cross-sell campaigns. Spend less time building emails and more time getting your message across.

  • Increase purchases by highlighting your products and product reviews
  • Stay top of mind and maintain an excellent sender reputation
  • Launch an email campaign in a matter of minutes

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Product Details
  •  Assets included: 1 HubSpot Email Template, Product Documentation
  • Software Requirements: HubSpot Free CRM +
  • Delivery Time: Instant - ready to use in your HubSpot portal once downloaded





Quickly build and customize any email, with just one template. This product includes 21 different modules so you can build any type of email using this one template. All modules are optimized for mobile, and can also be used in HubSpot’s Drag & Drop email editor.



Easily edit your email all within HubSpot's email editor—no need to jump into Design Manager for simple changes. You can also hide any unwanted modules using our simple toggle feature in HubSpot’s email editor.


Conversion Focused

This email template design was built specifically for eCommerce businesses in mind, to help brands deliver a message that will resonate and drive conversions using segmentation. This template is equipped with modules that highlight the product, showcase product reviews, and encourage users to purchase from you again.

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