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Time is of the essence, and businesses can no longer spend months developing new campaigns. That's why we're leveraging our experience to provide digital assets that will help you adapt to today's online world in no time. Shop around and purchase a product today.

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editing cross sell email
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editing cross sell email
How This Product is Delivered
  1. Once you click Buy Now, you will be taken to a PayPal link to complete your payment.
  2. You’ll then be redirected to a landing page on next steps. This includes adding to your HubSpot portal.
  3. Within one business day of receiving access to your portal, our Express Engineer will jump into your portal to transfer your 3 workflows, 3 new email templates, 4 landing page templates and build your Evergreen Campaign (with correct enrollments, emails, and delays).
  4. We will email your Product Documentation that provides details on how to edit and use your new campaign assets.

B2B Evergreen Nurture Campaign for HubSpot

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Product Type Campaign Assets & Setup for HubSpot

Did you know that companies with a lead nurturing strategy  excel in generating double the sales qualified half the cost? When you nurture leads, you shorten the sales cycle.

Get this all-in-one B2B Evergreen Lead Nurture Campaign for HubSpot package to support all your lead generation, automation workflow and email nurturing goals. Speed up your sales cycle and nurture new leads with this evergreen marketing setup until they are ready to buy.

With this package, you’ll get a fully architected and automated 3-stage B2B Evergreen Lead Nurture Campaign for HubSpot, set up by one of our expert marketing technologists.

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Product Details
  • Assets Included: 3 Workflows, 3 Email Templates, 3 Forms, 9 Automated Emails, 3 Landing Page Templates, Product Documentation
  • Software Requirements: HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro +, Shopify Basic +
  • Delivery Time: Within one business day of receiving access to your portal





What normally takes weeks (sometimes months!) of strategy and implementation can now take one day. Get all the marketing assets you need to launch this fully-automated campaign in no time.



No technical knowledge required. Our team of marketing technologists will take care of all the HubSpot technical setup so that you don't have to. Easily edit your email and landing pages without ever having to jump into HubSpot's Design Manager.


Conversion Focused

Adapt this Lead Nurturing campaign for more automation workflows and nurture contacts based on other behaviors. Despite being automated, this evergreen campaign will stay fresh, forever. Simply turn it on and start nurturing leads towards sales immediately.

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