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Our Express products are agency-built, turnkey HubSpot templates and campaigns.

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A team of data-driven marketers obsessed with generating revenue for our clients.

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At Campaign Creators we live by three principles: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose.

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The future of HubSpot campaign creation is here. Express isn't just a landing page, an email, or a workflow... It's ALL of it. Shop around and purchase a product today.

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Helping HubSpot Users work Smarter, not harder

Express by Campaign Creators

We've developed proprietary software that can clone and transfer any HubSpot asset  into your portal with the click of a button. Whether you're new to HubSpot, or an expert, Express provides you with everything you need to launch a campaign in minutes.


Express Helps Your Business Grow With Automation and Execution

This is the future of campaign creation.


Marketing automation can turn any prospective lead into a customer with lead nurturing. Using technology, such as workflows, your leads can be automatically segmented and sent targeted emails based on specific criteria. Express workflows are set up so that your leads receive the right information at the right time.


Email Templates

Drip emails are a series of emails sent over time to nurture a lead from one stage of the buyer’s journey to another. We also use these emails to re-engage “lost” leads who may not have been ready to purchase at the time, but are ready now. Express products come out of the box with multiple HubSpot email templates.

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Landing Pages

We use landing pages, a website page containing a form, as a place to capture leads. This page serves to collect visitor’s information they gladly hand over in exchange for your premium content offer, such as an ebook or a webinar. Express landing pages are strategically designed for your leads to understand the offer, increasing the likelihood for conversion.

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Forms & Lists

HubSpot uses forms & lists as integral methods to store and segment data within the platform. Forms are used on webpages to capture data and have it seamlessly flow into HubSpot's CRM. Lists are a powerful way to identify prospects in your database that have certain traits in common.


What’s in an Express Product?

Every asset you need for a seamless and rapid campaign launch.

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Express Pricing

We have Express products for every type of HubSpot user that cover multiple industries. Shop our most popular campaigns today.

B2B Products


Average time savings: 18 hours

B2B Examples:

  • Evergreen Lead Nurture
  • Webinar Campaign
  • Welcome Series Package
  • Customer Feedback (NPS) Campaign
  • Blog Post and Summary Pages

eCommerce Products


Average time savings: 32 hours

eCommerce Examples:

  • Post-Purchase Cross-Sell for HubSpot-Shopify
  • Post-Purchase Review for HubSpot-Shopify
  • Abandoned Cart Campaign for HubSpot-Shopify
  • eCommerce Master Email Template

The Express Experience

Turnkey HubSpot templates built, vetted, and tested by a Diamond HubSpot Agency Partner. Campaign creation is now as simple as drag, drop, and launch. 🚀


No Agency Retainer Needed

All Express products are purchased with a one-time fee. From there, you can clone and re-use the campaigns an unlimited number of times. Express was built with the growing brand in mind. No need for five-figure retainers. Simply purchase agency-built assets and be on your way.


Increased ROI For Your Brand

You’re getting proven campaigns that have seen impactful ROI. In fact, clients who have used our campaigns have seen an average increase in influenced revenue of 85.7%. On average it can take nearly 2 weeks (30+ hours) to build out a full campaign in HubSpot. Imagine what you can do with all that extra time.


Improved Marketing Performance

Launch brand new campaigns to help increase conversion rates and boost sales. Despite being automated, these campaigns and workflows will stay fresh, forever. And not to worry, email and landing page templates are designed to optimize for clicks and conversions as well. 

“We have reverse-engineered our custom solutions to provide immediate access to workflows, emails, landing page templates and more. Assets that take weeks to build are now available in a couple of hours.”

Bob Afsari

CEO, Campaign Creators

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Our Scientific Approach

When most people think of marketing, they think of advertising.

When we think of marketing, we see it as a science.

At Campaign Creators, we use data-driven insights to build digital marketing ecosystems that drive long-term, sustainable results.

All Express products are designed with these concepts in mind.


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