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Our Express products are agency-built, turnkey HubSpot templates and campaigns.

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Get HubSpot marketing templates, workflows and full funnels

Creating HubSpot campaigns can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We've reverse-engineered our top-performing eCommerce and B2B campaigns for every type of impactful marketing initiative. Shop around and purchase a product today.

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Creating HubSpot campaigns can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We've reverse-engineered our top-performing eCommerce and B2B campaigns for every type of impactful marketing initiative. Shop around and purchase a product today.


B2B Evergreen Nurture Campaign for HubSpot


Webinar Campaign for HubSpot


Welcome Series Package for HubSpot


Post-Purchase Cross-Sell Campaign for HubSpot-Shopify


Post-Purchase Review Campaign for HubSpot-Shopify


Abandoned Cart Campaign for HubSpot-Shopify


All Industries Master Email Template for HubSpot


ECommerce Master Email Template for HubSpot


Customer Feedback Package for HubSpot


Ultimate Conversion Blog Summary for HubSpot


Ultimate Conversion Blog Post for HubSpot


Ultimate Conversion Landing Page for HubSpot


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s your security process to ensure my HubSpot data and campaign assets are safe?

    For all the templates you can immediately download from the HubSpot Marketplace, we will not need access to your portal. These templates are all carefully reviewed against various requirements by HubSpot’s quality assurance engineers to pass only the best templates.

    For campaign setup products, we will only request the few HubSpot permissions needed to deliver your completed product in your portal. None of our campaign setups require access to your contacts. You can also easily remove our Express by Campaign Creators account from your portal once your product is delivered.

  • How do you accept payment for Express by Campaign Creators products?

    We use Stripe’s easy-to-use and secure online payment system.

    We accept all major Debit and Credit Cards.

  • How do I receive my Express by Campaign Creators product?

    Once you purchase your product, we’ll give you directions on providing us access to your HubSpot portal or Shopify store.

    You’ll receive your purchased product within your HubSpot portal, including all promised email templates, landing pages templates, integration setups, and workflow builds (with correct enrollments, emails, delays, and un-enrollment criteria!).

  • How fast can I expect my new digital assets?

    For templates, such as the Ultimate Conversion Landing Page and the Webinar Campaign Package, you can access them immediately in your HubSpot portal after purchase.

    For our campaign setups, such as the B2B Evergreen Nurture Campaign and Abandoned Cart Campaign, once you provide us access to your HubSpot portal, they’ll be ready for you to use within one business day.

  • How are you able to service quality campaigns at such a fast rate?

    Magic✨ ...just kidding.

    We’ve spent the last 10 years providing the same HubSpot solutions to clients, and have figured out the basic infrastructure every campaign needs to launch. We’ve templatized our strategy and spent some time re-engineering our own process to ensure quick delivery for customers.

  • Once I receive my new product, will it be ready to launch?

    All campaign assets will be ready for you to use in your HubSpot portal. Your email and landing page templates just need to be tweaked to match your brand and messaging. To make it even easier for campaign setup products, we’ve outlined next-steps in your product documentation.

    Don’t have time to add your branding and messaging? We can help.

  • I have additional questions about Express by Campaign Creators, how do I contact you?

    Email us at express@campaigncreators.com and we’ll respond within one business day.