Erin was born in the quaint little town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire 20 minutes from where she ended up growing up in Newfields. With a town population of 2000 people, no one is a stranger. You get to know everyone (yep, even down to their mother’s 3rd cousins twice removed). Inspired by watching her mother start her own business (and many shark tank episodes), she went on to earn her Bachelor’s in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of New Hampshire. And while it was nice being in such a close knit community, Erin was ready to escape her east coast bubble for her California dream.

Looking for a change of pace and warmer winters, Erin drove cross-country to root her career journey in San Diego, finding an opportunity in the non-profit space. She eventually made her way to Campaign Creators seeking a larger social role, a place where she felt like she was part of something bigger. Since college, she’s loved working with different brands and she began gravitating towards digital marketing after her first consumer behavior class. Using marketing as a data sophisticated engine, her curiosity sparked when seeing her strategy formulate results. Something she’s appreciated working at CC is learning the pure nature of the marketing ecosystem and relationship building. No two days are the same, and it’s the best challenge. 

When Erin isn’t whisking away at work, you can find her at the beach with her pup Millie, getting her exercise through yoga or hiking, and practicing mindfulness whenever she can. She loves traveling going to live music shows. In fact, she’s a closeted songwriter herself (T-swift, you there?). If you’re a podcaster, she recommends listening to “My Favorite Murder”, “Oprah Super Soul”, and “ The Joe Rogan Experience”. Something people might not know about Erin is she played lacrosse for 12 years, a victor of the Falls Gently award for being the clumsiest. She wouldn’t mind skydiving, but is deathly afraid of bridges. Oh and she’s the world’s pickiest eater, but broccoli is her favorite food. A walking paradox? Maybe. 


  • Marketing Automation
  • Account Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Technology
  • Ecommerce Marketing


  • HubSpot Certifications (14)
  • Bachelors in Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • 2018 Marketo Revvie | Orchestrator Award
  • 3rd Grade Spelling Bee Champ