Elika's Story

Elika was born in Irvine, but grew up in the sunny city of San Diego. Spoiled by the ridiculously good weather and unwilling to move far away from her family, she went on to attend San Diego State University. She graduated 4 years later with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and emphasis in Integrated Marketing Communications. Her love of marketing stemmed from her curiosity of consumer behavior and the creative freedom associated with advertising.

Yearning for the fast-paced agency experience and close-knit company culture, Elika found her home here at Campaign Creators. She began her journey as a Junior Marketing Technologist, where she learned to manage 7-8 clients alongside Shelby Heath.

When she’s not traveling the world, Elika enjoys going to the beach, planning events, and running her community organization The Portrait Culture, which connects creatives from across the nation. She’s played soccer for 10+ years, did track and field in high school, and was on the board for two societies in college. She’s a “pinterested” individual who loves to read books, draw, stay Insta savvy, and drink Persian chai. She loves elephants and is in the process of starting her own blog.

Her weaknesses include: 
California Burritos, Crunchwrap Supremes, anything with cheese


  • Email Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Marketing Technology
  • Account Management
  • SEO

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