Alexa Hubley

Content Strategy Manager

Alexa’s objectives in content marketing are a direct reflection of her personality: always striving to optimize and grow in order to crush her goals.


Alexa was born in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, home to the some of the greats: Ryan Gosling, Drake, the Raptors, and of course the Biebs to name a few. For her education, she attended Queens University where she studied and received her Bachelors of Arts in Dramatic Literature and French. With a dual honors degree under her belt, this wordsmith warrior followed up her undergraduate teachings with a serving of communications courses at the University of Calgary!

As our newest addition to the team, Alexa found her way to Campaign Creators rather unusually. Mostly because, we found her...presenting all the way in Stockholm at a conference. It only took traveling to Stockholm to land a job in San Diego. Who would have thought? What made the role of Digital Marketing Content Manager an easy decision for her was the variety of clients we have and the challenging projects that she anticipated getting her hands on. This role exercises her 10+ years experience in copywriting and content strategy, from creating emails to landing pages, paid ads, ebooks and everything in between. Given her unique position, she gets to interface with every client and every employee, which aside from the goal crushing attitude shared amongst the company, is one of many reasons she enjoys working here.

When Alexa isn’t busy being our conversion copywriting “cween”, she plays soccer at least three times a week. You could say she’s obsessed. When she’s not on the pitch, she enjoys brunching with friends and travelling. Something people don’t know about Alexa is that she hates the Oxford comma. She’ll use it if she has to, but please don’t make her have to. Unless you’re a client of course, then coming right up. She enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi as well as the occasional pampering. Did someone say facials at 10? She’s already there. 

Her weaknesses include: potatoes in any form (except couch).


  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking