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It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.

So why are so many eCommerce marketers spending more time generating new leads & customers, and less time nurturing their one-time buyers into repeat customers? Because lead nurturing can be complicated! That's why we're here to help.

Watch our on-demand webinar, 3 ECommerce Email Campaigns That Create Repeat, Loyal Customers, to learn:

  • How to identify which eCommerce email campaign will achieve your specific goal
  • Setting up your HubSpot and Shopify integration
  • How to create an Abandoned Cart Campaign, New Customer Campaign, and Replenishment Campaign all within HubSpot (+ a worksheet with step-by-step instructions!)


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Introducing your ECom-Email-Experts!


Marianne Dawson | Marketing Strategist, Campaign Creators

Marianne is the Lead Marketing Strategist at Campaign Creators, where you can find her providing strategic marketing campaigns to clients, executing those campaigns in HubSpot, and even assisting in business development activities for Campaign Creators. She has been in the marketing industry for 10 years and has worked with clients from all kinds of industries, especially eCommerce. Marianne has been working in the HubSpot platform for about 6 years and is excited to walk you through creating eCommerce email campaigns in HubSpot!


Kara Susvilla | Marketing Associate, Campaign Creators

Kara is on a mission to generate and nurture leads for her marketing agency using free education and strategic lead nurturing campaigns. She’s an advocate for the inbound marketing approach and has worked on multichannel campaigns that include content creation, website optimization, email marketing, and more. Kara is the host of Campaign Creator’s newest video series, The ECommerce Marketer and Barketer, where she shares weekly eCommerce marketing tips & strategies for marketers (and dog lovers!), and she can’t wait to share her insights into choosing the best email campaigns based on your goals.

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